Operations Outsourcing


Operations Outsourcing Services

  • Our outsourcing practice is designed to maximize the cost savings and efficiencies of offshoring/nearshoring while addressing and minimizing legal, privacy, and compliance risk.
  • We represent both outsourcing companies and their clients in diligence, contract negotiation, licensing, oversight policies/procedures, and sourcing  arrangements. Specific areas include:
    • Privacy and data security 
    • Regulatory compliance 
    • AML/KYC
    • FCPA
    • Cross border information sharing 
    • Quality control 
    • Employment verification/onboarding
    • Corporate disclosure

Sample Projects

  • Coordinated the outsourcing of a client’s contract tracking process and trained its outsourced legal support staff on contract term analysis.
  • Prepared a legal risk memo for a client’s offshoring arrangement.  Issues addressed included security and cross border data sharing. 
  • Drafted the master services agreement, scope of work agreement, and service level agreement on behalf of a knowledge process outsourcing firm providing services to a multinational consulting group. 
  • Negotiated terms of financial firm clients’ offshoring of compliance surveillance, investment management, research, and risk operations.
  • Trained offshore legal and compliance staff on compliance policies for a financial firm client.