Employment Services

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, keeping current with the latest developments in the laws and regulations governing the workplace can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

  • At Aragon Partners, we partner with our clients in developing effective solutions to minimize employee litigation and other potential harm caused by employees seeking to enrich themselves at the company’s expense.
  • Our services include:
    • Partnering with human resources to 
      • Develop anti-discrimination programs to comply with laws, rules, and regulations affecting the workplace.
      • Handle administrative actions, complaints, and lawsuits when necessary.
    • Drafting and negotiating employment agreements and incentive-based compensation structures.

Sample Projects

  • Prepared a set of workplace policies and procedures as well as an Employee Handbook for a security guard company. 
  • Reviewed and updated all employment agreements for a technology professional services and staffing firm, and added confidentiality and non-solicitation provisions in compliance with the laws of the various states and countries in which the employees worked.
  • Prepared and conducted an interactive workshop for employees of a financial services firm on compliance with anti-discrimination and anti-sexual harassment laws.  Firm witnessed an 80% + decline in the number of administrative complaints filed against it by its employees.
  • Serve as “Counsel on Call” for the Human Resources Department of a New-York based real estate company with over 600 employees.
  • Represented employers in over 100 proceedings brought by employees before the Equal Opportunity Commission, the New York State Department of Human Rights, and other administrative and judicial bodies, resulting in “No action” in over 85% of the cases.